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Healthy Disney: Your Guide to a Magical and Fit Vacation is a Planning Guide for those who desire a Disney vacation with a focus on health and fitness. This book gives you the checklists, steps and activities to keep your vacation on track before you leave your home. Volume 1: The Planning Phase is the first of many Healthy Disney planning guides to come. Danye Phillips has specific items of focus for your trip at 180 days out, 60 days out, 30 days out and the week of your trip that will set you up for success and to accomplish your fitness and food goals. 

Who will benefit from the Healthy Disney Series?

This guide is for the parent who loves to leave reality and experience the magic of Disney with their family and does not want to come home with the expectation of needing to start a diet!

This guide is for the teacher who is chaperoning the senior class trip or the cheer squad to the next competition and wants to experience healthier Disney treats while also dealing with the chaos of teenagers!

This guide is for the athlete who constantly pushes themselves with their fitness and nutrition goals and has great hesitation over leaving their comfort zone of pre-packaged meals and home gym to go on a vacation with their friends and family!

This guide is for the traveler who is sick and tired of typical fast food options in theme parks and is a total foodie when it comes to travel!

This guide is for the bodybuilder who is bringing a food scale to the parks and wants to know where they can have clean, healthy food options and track their macros easily to stay on track with their food goals.

This guide is for the gym junkie who refuses to put their workout schedule on the back burner and will get in a workout no matter the daily plans!

This guide is NOT for YOU if your goal is to have a fantasy cheat day vacation and try everything. 

This guide is NOT for YOU if you want a quick fix to your weight loss and health journey.

This guide is NOT for YOU if you are looking for a specific diet to follow while in the Disney parks.

This guide is NOT for YOU if you don’t want to put in any effort to achieving your fitness and health goals. You have to put in the work and do the exercises in this series of guide books!

Future Healthy Disney guides will include park and resort specific menus, food suggestions, and exercise information. The next volume in this series will be a Guide to Magic Kingdom, followed by Epcot, then Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. After the major parks, Danye Phillips will transition to a focus on providing resort information. A Disney Cruise guide is in the future as well! The tentative plan for future book volumes as well as connection information is below!

What’s next and Where can You learn More?
Are you excited for your journey?! I’m excited for you! If you loved the information in this book and you can’t wait for more then here is what’s next for you!
1)Volume 2 - Navigating Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom (Late Spring Early Summer 2019)
2)Volume 3 - Navigating Walt Disney World’s Epcot (Late Fall Early Winter 2019)
3)Volume 4 - Navigating Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios (2020)
4)Volume 5 - Navigating Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom (2020)
5)Volume 6 - Navigating Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs (2021)
6)Volume 7 - Navigating Walt Disney World Resorts (2021)

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Healthy Disney: Your Guide to a Fit and Magical Vacation: Volume 1: The Planning

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