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Practice Makes Permanence!  I work with those who are dedicated and driven to investment in themselves through learning and practicing a lifestyle in health and fitness that is permanent; long-term sustainable.  Flexible dieting and nutrition is a way of life; it is a tool to help you reach your goals in the most precise and optimal way whether that be for fat loss, muscle gain, or simply to maintain your current health. 

(Body Transformation Packages begin with an extensive Application Process

This is a selective process; if you have any hesitation with your dedication to a long term, sustainable physical and mental transformation please do not apply until you are ready to hold yourself accountable to your lifestyle transformation.

Client Transformation

Holly has lost 21 pounds in 39 weeks and I am so proud of her commitment to her success! About 2/3 of her journey so far was spent increasing her calories (while tracking macronutrients) and she was still losing weight!  Holly has only been in a caloric deficit for a couple of weeks and the pounds are coming off because she made this a lifestyle and practiced balance in order to rehabilitate her metabolism and set her body up for a successful weight loss period! Holly is able to incorporate a glass of wine a few nights per week and enjoy time spent eating out with family and friends! 

Client Spotlight

Essence made a commitment and dedicated herself to transforming her life!  After 4 weeks of my program she lost 20 pounds!!!  Essence had not tracked macronutrients prior to working with me, but through learning about macronutrients and what types were in different foods and how those foods affected her energy levels, she was able to gain physical and mental energy back into her life!  She changed her body composition and is well on her way to continued success and a long-term, sustainable lifestyle!  She is such an inspiration to reaching her health goals!

Client Spotlight

Caitie set her goals, followed her strategic plan, and used her community properly for the right accountability!  Caitie began her fitness journey about 1 year before we started working together in March 2017.  She was 195 lb in March 2017 and is 185 lb in this photo as of July 2017.  The first 15 weeks we worked together, we were INCREASING her calories to help prepare her body for a half-marathon!  She went on a vacation and didn't have to stress about over-eating because she had increased her calories strategically!  We are currently in a caloric deficit phase and she's spot-on with her macronutrient tracking and well on her way to crushing more goals!

Client Spotlight

Rachael has an incredible story behind this transformation of 10 weeks in between these photos!  Many of you bodybuilding competitors can relate to this.  Prior to our working together, Rachael competed in a bikini bodybuilding show and had a coach put her on excessive (2 hours per day) cardio and had very low (<1,100 calories per day) calories. Post show, she was directed to immediately do 20 minutes of cardio per day and within 3 weeks bumped her calories up by about 400 calories.  This extreme change in calories in versus calories out did not sit well with her body.  I'm happy to say we got her into a happy medium with caloric intake and cardio, she's been crushing her workouts and for the 10 weeks in between these photos, we properly did a reverse diet and she has maintained her weight while increasing calories and decreasing cardio!

Client Testimonial!

"Danye has truly changed my life! Before I became a client, I thought that my weight and fitness had to be based on a low calorie diet. I was literally eating the same thing everyday…way too many carbs, basically no protein. When Danye started to help me with my nutrition, you should have seen my look of shock and hesitation when she started telling me to increase my calories. And it worked right away! I lost 12 lbs of fat within a couple months and had developed a balanced diet. I increase my calories by 500 overall. Not only did I feel better physically, but mentally as well. It improved everything in my life, even my marriage. It hasn’t always been easy. Sometimes I’m busy with life, family, work…it can be difficult to keep track of food and weigh-ins. Danye has always been patient and supportive. She never made me feel pressured or alienated if I didn’t hit my weekly goals. She worked with me and tailored a plan that worked with the requirements and obligations of my life. Not only is she an INCREDIBLE coach, she’s a pretty badass body builder! Her commitment and hard work inspire me everyday. I’m so proud of her as a person, and beyond grateful that she helped me improve myself is an enjoyable and sustainable way. THANK YOU DANYE!!"

Client Spotlight

Martha has struggled with Multiple Sclerosis for about 6 years now and flexible dieting, reverse dieting, and now tracking macronutrients for a ketogenic style diet have helped her re-gain a large portion of her strength, energy levels, and over-all health!  She pushes through her workouts with a cooling vest to increase her ability to workout for a full 60 minute session!  Martha will be flying to Panama City, Panama in September 2017 to receive Stem Cell Treatment to put her MS in remission once and for all!  I am so proud of the battle she fights every single day!!!

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