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My Passion

Welcome to a glimpse into my empowered life! My passion is to help women increase their energy, decrease their stress and save time when it comes to fitness and health. I hope you leave here today, empowered to take an action step towards the life you want!

My Story 

Born in Texas and raised in South Louisiana, I am a 30-year old fitness, health and lifestyle junkie who is obsessed with living life on my own terms!  Since May 2017, I have run my own nutrition coaching, personal training and consulting business helping dozens of women (and even a few guys ;)) reach their fitness and health goals through empowering action and accountability. 

The journey to a healthy and fit life for the long-term has not been easy and every day is a new challenge! Some of my fitness background includes the art of gymnastics, cross country, track n field, olympic lifting, rugby in college and the latest adventure; competing as a nationally qualified NPC Bikini Bodybuilder. Every phase of fitness has brought along a new trial, a new lesson and a new reason to fall and then get back up. Gymnastics brought along a back injury that led to either surgery or learning how to strengthen the muscles around my spine...we decided to avoid the surgery and this brought about my introduction to Olympic style lifting!


During my college years at Auburn University, I played Rugby for Auburn as well as the USA South team.  There is no rush that matches being on a field with your teammates and leaving nothing behind! I was also in Air Force ROTC in college. During a group ROTC run I was involved in an accident where I was struck in the face by a transit bus and thus my rugby career came to a close. (I was quite over concussions at this point). I can laugh about it now, but it’s truly a miracle that I am still alive and functioning at 100% capacity. You would never know I have had multiple facial reconstructive surgeries ;) (Thank you to all of the Doctors at the Mayo Clinic and mainly my mother (former nurse) who made sure my eye didn’t droop for the rest of my life.


In May 2013, I graduated from Auburn with a bachelor’s in Hotel Restaurant Management and Minors in Business and German. I became a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force and spent four years stationed at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas serving as a Federal Agent in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.


...Yes, let’s talk about that transition, lol, Criminal Investigator to Entrepreneur in the Fitness and Health space! Sadly, this story has a few more struggles that have shaped the Today I am in now. In August 2013 my middle sister, Kelly, was diagnosed with brain cancer. At the age of 21 about one year later, Kelly passed away from the tumor. Our family was always relatively healthy and we were all extreme athletes so it was never a thought in my mind that she wouldn’t pull through. During her battle, our family dove into health and nutrition outside of just exercise. This experience, I believe, is one of the catalysts for my nutrition journey. My parents created a foundation in Kelly’s honor, which I am grateful to be a part of, that funds research for brain cancer treatments and prevention. Please take a peek and some of the amazing science we have helped fund!

In Spring 2015, I decided to take my hobby of lifting to the next level and train for a bodybuilding show. I had my first meal plan and started to learn about how macronutrient tracking and a focus on nutrition undeniably changed my body composition! This was information I HAD to share. So, I decided to earn my personal training and nutrition coaching certification through ACE (The American Council on Exercise) and began training/coaching family and friends. While the transition from the military into a coaching business was not seamless, the results achieved for myself and clients have been rewarding and fulfilling in ways I never knew possible. Some of those results are just over on the success stories tab!


Though the majority of my coaching is one-on-one and in-person, I am able to reach women all over the world through my podcast, The Fitness Empowerment Podcast, and social media. Fun Fact: I am also minorly OBSESSED with Walt Disney World and love sharing ways to maintain health and fitness while traveling to, from, and within WDW and Disneyland parks...soooo if you love Disney too then I hope you’ll hang out with me on my Healthy Disney podcast ;) (Yes, ← I have a second podcast) I have BIG plans to bring more content to YOU in this upcoming 2020 year and perhaps a digital coaching opportunity towards the end of next year! 


OK, enough from me, let’s find new ways to help You INCREASE your energy, DECREASE your stress, SAVE time and live YOUR best life! Talk to you soon!


~ Danye ~

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