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Success Stories

Celebrating the people who have transformed their lives with the help of flexible nutrition and reverse dieting.

Reverse Dieting Worked

When Nothing Else Did

Reverse Dieting and flexible lifestyles are not just for bodybuilders! If you've ever had trouble maintaining your weight loss from a specific weight loss diet or program that you have been on, then this may be for you. My Uncle was my first ever client and he went from doing hours of cardio and under eating to doing less cardio and eating more food and he lost weight and changed his body composition!

Dieting with

Multiple Sclerosis

I spoke with Martha Phillips, a good family-friend, who has had multiple sclerosis for the past six years. Martha and I have worked together for the past couple of months on a reverse diet and she lost 11 pounds by adding in 400 calories per day to her diet. Keep in mind this is 400 calories distributed to the proper proportions of fats, carbs, and proteins!

"I Lost A Bunch

of Fat"

In about 6 weeks, Vanessa increased the amount of food she ate per day from 1100 calories to 1600 calories and lost weight! She has gone from 128 pounds to 120 pounds. Watch this video to find out more.

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