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Healthy Disney: Your Guide to a Fit and Magical Vacation: Volume 1: The Planning Phase 

Healthy Disney: Your Guide to a Magical and Fit Vacation is a Planning Guide for those who desire a Disney vacation with a focus on health and fitness. This book gives you the checklists, steps and activities to keep your vacation on track before you leave your home. Volume 1: The Planning Phase is the first of many Healthy Disney planning guides to come. Danye Phillips has specific items of focus for your trip at 180 days out, 60 days out, 30 days out and the week of your trip that will set you up for success and to accomplish your fitness and food goals. 

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Who Is This Book For?

This guide is for the person headed to a conference at Disney and unsure of how to stack on top of their nutrition or workouts while on their business vacation.

This guide is for the parent who loves to leave reality and experience the magic of Disney with their family and does not want to come home with the expectation of needing to start a diet!


This guide is for the gym junkie who refuses to put their workout schedule on the back burner and will get in a workout no matter the daily plans.

This guide is for the bodybuilder who is bringing a food scale to the parks and wants to know where they can have clean, healthy food options and track their macros easily to stay on track with their food goals.

This guide is for the traveler who is sick and tired of typical fast food options in theme parks and is a total foodie when it comes to travel!

This guide is for the person who has taken that first step on their health and fitness journey and does not want to backtrack on their hard earned progress!

Volume 2 Coming Soon!

In May 2019, Danye Phillips will be traveling to Walt Disney World to research the Boardwalk restaurants and activities in the Epcot Resort area. 

A tentative publishing date for the self-published e-Book and Paperback option will be late June, early July of 2019!

Audio Book for Volume 1 is coming soon as well! 

For questions and requests about different topics you would like to see covered in subsequent volumes please email

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