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Be Empowered

To Make A Change

In Your Life

Be Empowered

To Make A Change 

In Your Life

 Increase Energy. Decrease Stress.

Save Time.


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Personal Trainer

Barre Intensity Certified

Licensed Nutrition 


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Overstimulation from caffeine, energy drinks, excess hustle, anxiety galore, but still not enough energy...

Excess Caffeine               Excess Stress

That was me, exactly a year ago. Learning how to decrease my stress, increase my energy, and excel at time management has made me a happier person. My passion is to share the wealth of knowledge I gained and help others be just as happy.

Born in Texas and raised in South Louisiana, I am a 30-year old fitness, health and lifestyle junkie who is obsessed with living life on my own terms!  In May of 2017, I started my own business aimed at empowering men and women to achieve success with their fitness and health goals through personalized training and accountability. Now, almost 2020, I've trained dozens of men and women who can testify to how I helped them become their best self.

I want to help eager people who are just like my former self, sick of not enough time and energy to get through the day, become successful and more efficient at life! The best part, I help save money too! December 14th I celebrated my 30th birthday, credit card debt free!







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