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Welcome to a glimpse into my empowered life! My passion is to help women increase their energy, decrease their stress and save time when it comes to fitness and health. I hope you leave here today, empowered to take an action step towards the life you want!

My Story

Born in Texas and raised in South Louisiana, I am a 34-year old fitness, health and lifestyle entrepreneur who is obsessed with living life on my own terms!  My educational background is in hospitality, and while I have a Bachelors of Science in Hotel Restaurant Management, I decided to become an Officer in the United States Air Force upon graduation from Auburn University in May 2013. I spent four years as a criminal investigator in the Office of Special Investigations and realized mid way through my time that I felt pulled towards health and fitness. 

In Spring 2015, I decided to take my hobby of lifting to the next level and train for a bodybuilding show. I had my first meal plan and started to learn about how macronutrient tracking and a focus on nutrition undeniably changed my body composition! This was information I HAD to share. So, I decided to earn my personal training and nutrition coaching certification through ACE (The American Council on Exercise) and began training/coaching family and friends. While the transition from the military into a coaching business was not seamless, the results achieved for myself and clients have been rewarding and fulfilling in ways I never knew possible.

Since May 2017, I have coached hundreds of busy women (and even a few men;)) to reach their fitness, nutrition and health goals through simple strategy and education that applies to your lifestyle. 


The journey to a healthy and fit life for the long-term has not been easy and every day is a new challenge! Some of my fitness background includes the art of gymnastics, cross country, track n field, weight lifting, rugby, bikini bodybuilding and my latest adventure; aerial arts. Every phase of fitness has brought along a new trial, a new lesson and a new reason to fall and then get back up. 


We’ve all had our ups and downs and major struggles in life. Mine made me who I am today. In a single decade (2011-2019) I was in a major accident that involved several facial reconstructive surgeries, lost my middle sister Kelly to brain cancer and lost my father to an unexpected pulmonary embolism. A series of events like this can absolutely trigger someone to focus on their health and do everything in their power to control the health variables that they can. This is certainly true for me. 

Though the majority of my coaching since 2017 has been one-on-one and in-person, I have recently created an online digital nutrition coaching offer! My online course, Field Guide to Fat Loss, is one way I am aiming to help more busy women optimize their health and physique goals for a more reasonable price point. We are all short on time and bandwidth these days but the desire for results of putting in full time effort towards health goals still stands! I’m here to help you implement the health hacks that give you the desired outcome while also enjoying your life and not feeling the effects of a boring and monotonous “diet.”


OK, enough from me, let’s find new ways to help You INCREASE your energy, DECREASE your stress, SAVE time and live YOUR best life! It’s time to enjoy your next bite!

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